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Old 04-20-2017, 10:45 AM
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Default Special watches for the visually impaired

Many, many people are visually impaired or blind. Quite a few of these people start getting blind at a rather late stage in life. My beloved late grand-father was no exception to the rule, so to speak and he turned totally blind by the age of 80.

Back then there were only a few watches for the visually impaired. None of them was any good to be honest. The Swiss watch industry abandoned this niche, I guess rather happily, a long time ago. And what continued to come out of the Far East was not up to the exacting standards blind people require and have every right to expect.

The Swiss National Association of and for the Blind rose to the occasion and with the help of a few sponsors they commissioned the development of a genuine Swiss Made watch for the blind community. That is how the small Acustica collection saw the light of day. Thanks to the generous sponsors the watch is affordable to most visually impaired people in the West.

I truly hope that this fine watch shall be available outside of Switzerland as fast as feasible. The delivery of the first watches to Swiss and Liechtenstein customers is to start by late May in any case.

Thank you for spreading the word about Acustica.
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Old 04-20-2017, 12:03 PM
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This company saw a need and fills it nicely. For those - including myself who age less gracefully- the loss of perceptics are always a challenge.

A large demographic of elderly (baby) boomers marches into infirmities of old age - and its heartening to see individuals, companies and corporations become involved with state of the art technology to compensate for natures course.

Hearing in my left ear is almost gone-and my left eye is almost ready for a lens replacement like my right eye was last August. The medicine practiced on me did not exist in my father's generation - and to be where I am - doing what I'm doing is a blessing.

The loss of sight is a terrible challenge - macular degeneration strikes those too young - too soon and cataracts in my case are now 'easily' rectified with even better sight as the new lens(es)are placed instead of inevitable blindness which was the norm just 2 generations ago.

Thanks James - my research on this product and its sponsors has just begun ...
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Old 04-20-2017, 03:06 PM
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In my never-ending search for vintage timepieces, I have come across some rather, well, let's just say unpleasant designs from Japan and Russia, wherein the only nod to the vision-impaired was an opening bezel/crystal, where the wearer could [hopefully] feel the position of the hands to determine the time. The appearance of these watches was, at best, utilitarian, and, at worst, they had all the charm of those terrible iron lung machines that both warehoused and permitted thousands of polio victims to breathe, back in the 1950's. I wouldn't have added them to my collection on a bet.

However, I have to say that this design is something I would absolutely consider wearing, as it reminds me of a local [for me, anyway] California company, Xetum, and their minimalist-but-attractive designs, of which I have become very fond over the last few years. Add in the talking and vibration features, and you're light-years ahead of those terrible old watches-for-the-blind of 50+ years ago. And at a price of ~$185 USD, it's certainly affordable. (Hopefully, Acustica will be able to keep the price down as they move into international sales.)

Dead Man's Verdict: I like this watch, James. A LOT. It features the only languages in which I am in any way proficient (thanks to all those lovely Swiss nuns, back in my boarding school daze), and I very much like the way it looks; especially that black-dialed version with the mesh bracelet. My only worry: the Italian female voice would probably have a very strong effect on the old (in name only) libido. Still, how many old codgers can say that their watches get them all hot and bothered? Hmmm...I'll have to ask Conjurer about that...

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Old 04-20-2017, 04:23 PM
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Okay, James; I've written-up an introductory "blurb" (wherein I borrowed some of the wording from you, as you'll no doubt recognize) that includes a link to the ACUSTICA website. Here's where I've put it thus far:



I hope the word will spread out from these two very different websites, not to mention our very own BDWF...

And, James, since you live in Switzerland, how would you like to pick-up one of these as a gift for my nearly-blind, 92 year-old father in-law? I'll reimburse you -- HONEST! Just kidding, but if they can get this watch to the 'States soon enough, I WILL buy one here for him...

Thanks for telling us about this, James, as virtually all of us have someone we know who might benefit from this new technology. I'll keep putting the word out there, mon ami!
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Old 04-21-2017, 03:28 AM
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And here's a link to a watch that, while not specifically designed for people of challenged visual abilities, its unique design certainly lends itself to that use with little or no learning period. It's called The Bradley, and it's made by a company called EONE. Have a look here:


There are certainly a goodly amount of strap color and metal options, though my guess is that most blind folk don't care a whole lot about that. However, you can never tell what features might appeal to whom. At any rate, it's a pretty cool idea, though a bit pricy, IMHO, for a quartz watch...

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