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Old 08-11-2008, 12:17 AM
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Default Sales Forum Guidelines===REVISED

In order to better promote satisfaction and quality sales among our members please follow these Sales Forum Guidelines:

Effective immediately, you must meet the following requirements in order to post For Sale (FS) items on the sales forum:

~ You must be a member of BDWF.net, in good standing, for at least 3 months and have a minimum of 15 posts prior to listing any sale items.

~ You must have a valid and working email address that is accessible to the Administrators of BDWF.net.

~ No counterfeit or fake Watches and Watch Accessories may be offered here.

~ Post only one (1) watch per thread; no multiple sales in one post are allowed.

~ Descriptions for all listing MUST adhere to the following format:
  • Any and/or defects (ie; dings, hairlines, wear, scratches, etc) must be included in detail in the description if they are not noticeable in the pictures. [/*:m:2uuds3wm]
  • Detailed description of Condition of Item using the TimeZone Grading System should be used if the watch is not brand new or 100%. Overall Condition in Percent: e.g. 95%, e.g.100% for a brand new watch, e.g. 80% for a NOS or exhibition watch that had been handled a lot in the shop before but not been worn.[/*:m:2uuds3wm]
  • If the Item's Serial Number had been removed for whatever reason, then this needs to be stated in the description.[/*:m:2uuds3wm]

~ Pictures for all listing MUST be includes and you must adhere to the following format:
  • Pictures of the listed For Sale (FS) items must be included in your post. The picture must be of the actual item and not a stock photo from a retailer or a picture hosted elsewhere.[/*:m:2uuds3wm]
  • Pictures can not exceed 800 x 800 pixels[/*:m:2uuds3wm]
  • Pictures must adhere to BDWF policies[/*:m:2uuds3wm]

~ Pricing for all listings MUST adhere to the following format:
  • Prices must be stated in US Dollars.[/*:m:2uuds3wm]
  • Price plus shipping must be included, including method of shipping. [/*:m:2uuds3wm]

~ Sellers can post up to 3 watches per day (each 24 hour period).
  • NOTE: If you wish to exceed the policies outlined above, you must contact an administrator and request a "vendor" status with BDWF.net. Details of such shall be given to anyone requesting it.

~ You are allowed up to two (2) bumps per item. You must re-list your item(s) after the second bump.

~ Replies will be allowed provided the replies are pertinent to the sale----in other words, your replies must be regarding the watch (specs, size, etc.)---No replies such as "nice watch", etc. Please be sure it is in reference to the sale of the watch.

~ Please keep the listings up to date and mark your listings "sold" when they sell. DO NOT delete the listing. The admin team will remove the item once marked as "sold", "withdrawn" or "traded".

~ Marking your item "sold pending funds" is acceptable, but please mark it "Sold" when the transaction is completed.

~ In an effort to keep things current and up to date, all listings left unattended for 3 weeks or longer will be removed.

~ No ebay listings allowed. If you wish to list an item on ebay, please mark listing as "sent to ebay". It will then be removed from the Sales Forum.

~ The Sales Forum is for non-commercial private sales.

~ Any violations to the above rules will result in your post to be quickly removed.

Please understand that these rules are intended to streamline the sales forum and prevent it from becoming too cluttered with information not related to a sale and/or purchase.

Lastly, as is stated in the Terms of Use no replica sales are allowed on BDWF.net; please follow this policy when posting any watch for sale!

BDWF.net does not officially know, promote, certify, or endorse any of the sellers or seller's merchandise. There is always risk involved with purchasing from unknown individuals online. You alone assume all risk and responsibility for those transactions. You alone are responsible for taking necessary precautions to protect yourself from potential internet fraud. BDWF.net will play no role whatsoever in transactions initiated by individuals acting on their own behalf in the Watches For Sale forum.

Thanks for your cooperation and Happy Selling.

BDWF Admin Team
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