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Old 04-25-2017, 04:16 AM
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Default INVICTA Free

I noticed that there hasn't been a post about Invicta since 7/2/15. I have decided to write something a little unusual. I started watch collecting around Jan 2006. I got started watching Shop NBC and have always had several Invictas in my collection. As of yesterday I sold my last Invicta on eBay. It was one of the first watches I bought...a two tone Pro Diver 8928OB with the Miyota 8215, still keeping good time +20 sec per day.

I have bought and sold 70 Invictas in the 11 years I have been collecting. It cost me about $12,700 for the 70 watches. Holy crap, I could have bought a Rolex Daytona for that kind of money. Would I have been happy wearing one watch for 11 years? I'm sure I enjoyed the 70 Invictas more than having only one prestigious watch although I could have got my money back on the Daytona.

So why did I decide to unload the Invictas? There are 2 reasons, but first of all I don't want to offend anyone who likes and owns Invictas. I realize they are not Haute Horology, but more towards design rather than if they had an "in house" movement. There are many models that look great and are a good value, especially in the Reserve line, if obtained at a good price. I might even add another Invicta to my collection someday.

But for now here are the 2 reasons:

1) My tastes have changed, maybe because I'm older (73) and the big eye-catching watches look out of place even though my wrist is 7 3/4" They are also heavy and by the end of the day feel uncomfortable. I still watch Evine and the majority of Invictas are 50mm plus. I feel better for looks and comfort with a 41-45 mm.

2) Resale. Of the 70 Invictas I bought and sold I only got back 56% net of my money. Not good. I have bought and sold 402 watches since 2006 and got back 70% net of my money. If I took out the 70 Invictas it would be even more than 70% back.

In closing a photo of an INVICTA Ocean Ghost Meteorite Dial, 1 of 2 where I made money on the resale:

"As far as watches go, buy what you like and can afford"
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Old 04-25-2017, 09:12 PM
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Regardless of how we feel about them now, Invictas all had a place in our collections at some point. I was searching around after I saw this and noticed I don't have any more lying around - don't expect to purchase any in the future, either, but i definitely look back fondly on a few that I've owned.
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Old 04-26-2017, 02:12 AM
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Folks - still have EVERY Invicta I purchased - starting in May of 2004 (8928) from Overstock.com.

I also succumbed to the wiles of ShopNBC to include my 9937 (ETA 2824-2) as well as my first 500m diver the SCOOBY and my Monster SAIII 7750 Reserve LE.

Luckily - (?) everyone of these still works (not so for many others). I'm afraid to total my dollar amount over the last 13 years - as this would put me into an agreement with mrsmikie about my spending habits.

Invicta has left a bad taste in my mouth - as much for defective timepieces leaving the assembly floor, irate and angry purchasers, a handling and postage fee to send them their wares under their vaunted 5 year warranty - as well as watches returned from repair in worse shape than when sent.

The kicked to the curb personalities Invicta sent us on ShopNBC and the awful treatment our former owners received from Jim Skelton and gang - water under the bridge for many - will never be accepted from me.

The forum wars are now mostly history. Skelton's legacy from Cigar Forums - to our protection of his reputation - repaid with treachery - are a mystery to many - but I feel a sting with every mention of his name.

What others feel about me is essentially their business - as I've lived my life as I've seen fit - never for any cause but protection of my family, friends, country and fellow soldiers.

Entering the computer field in 1973 - not out of Silicon Valley - but the US Army - always at odds with the counter-culture and amazingly 'unique' individuals attracted to the industry in it formative years ... I've always tried to do the 'right thing' as I saw it ...

Invicta- its business, ethical, moral and social practices-have sadly never been attractive to me. As much as the styling, features and price attracted me - it soon became difficult for me to do business with them ... (end of rant)

George ...

Our tastes indeed have changed - as my ability to land my 'grails' become so much easier as my children left home and graduated college - and my pensions from the Army and social security-my wife's from the CA school system - astute investment and a tax free income here in Korea have made things all too easy at age 70.

Best to you and your future collecting!
“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
- George Orwell
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Old 04-26-2017, 05:30 AM
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I had a few Invictas, and they're also gone. I bought a few for Mrs. C, of which she still has a couple, the mini-Pro-divers. Not too long ago the battery on one crapped out, so I went to Batteries.com, ordered some, and cracked it open. Surprisingly (or, maybe, not too surprisingly), there was no gasket between the caseback and the case--meaning, of course, that there was practically no water resistance, even though the WR of the watch was supposed to be 200 meters.

This, perhaps, points out the smoke and mirrors that the big yellow I has become. I honestly believe that the old school Invicta (pre, say, 2008) was all right. I had a Pro-diver, and a Speedway, and a couple others from that period, and none of them had the hands fall off, or needed service, or whatever (although I did own, for a short time before I karma'd it, an Ocean Ghost with the Black Label fogged crystal.) They were OK.

Then came the Crash. People were losing their jobs left and right, and commercial paper seized up, and homes were being foreclosed, and all hell was breaking loose. Naturally, a whole lot less of folks were spending their disposable income on home shopping TV--for Christ's sakes, even Rolexes were taking a hit on their resale, something that nobody could ever recall before. I suspect this is when Invicta started cutting corners.

And cutting corners became a passion for Eyal; it became widespread, and got worse, and before one knew it, Invicta was peddling the worst crap one could imagine. Alas, Eyal, being the parvenu he is, thought he wasn't selling the steak, he was selling the sizzle. Invicta wasn't just a pedestrian watch, it was a lifestyle. If you bought an Invicta, he said, you too could own a big boat, or a McMansion, or whatever. ShopNBC started going on remotes to the Invicta Marine Pavilion, or the Invicta Vault, or most absurdly, the Invicta Countryside Villa, with guys wearing stupid foxhunting suits, jumping ponies over hedges.

All these yachts and ponies and vaults cost money, and the money certainly wasn't coming out of Eyal's pockets. He continued to dumb down the brand. I recall the Invicta Sea Vulture using an ETA 2894 chronograph movement (back in the old days.) A few years ago, Eyal, in all his graciousness, brought back the Sea Vulture, alas this time with a ISA quartz movement. Once Eyal used a movement that one doesn't see everyday--later, he used one most of us wouldn't cross the street for if it was free.

I could go at length (as I have done here, and elsewhere), amplifying on what Mikey has so elegently posted above, but we know that story. So, leave it to be said, good for you, George. And adios, Eyal.
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain...

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Old 04-27-2017, 12:34 AM
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I have 5 Invicta's left.
The first Invicta I ever bought, around 2005 or 6. Nothing special, but made decent and not bad.

The second one I bought was the moldy, floating hand set. I sent it in and it came back with the hand still floating. I can't really sell a broken watch, so it sits.

The third one I got has the stem issue. I sent it in and it still has the stem issue. I wear it sometimes, just shake it and set the time and she is good, just won't wind the other way. I like the yellow dial and the small size. I have grown to not like diamonds on watches much, but since there is a stem issue, I can't really sell it.

The 4th one is a 40mm SAS, I do like that case design and this one works well, I just don't care for quartz watches much anymore. I have thought about putting an automatic movement in it and changing the dial out.

The 5th one is a Grand Diver, I like the color. It is huge on me, so I mostly wear it to picnics and such.

I am not fondly attached to any of them, I just don't think they are worth my time to sell because they aren't worth much.
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