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Some fine thoughts are expressed in this thread!

I've owned, I think, about three Invicta watches; Mrs. C still has a few, mainly the quartz mini-Prodivers. I sold two and gave one (a Miyota Prodiver) to my brother-in-law, and it died not long after that. Recently, one of Mrs. C's Prodivers batteries gave out, so I cranked off the caseback to change it--and found that there was no gasket between the case and caseback, even though the watch was "rated" to 200 meters.

I think there were some good Invictas made, but it seemed like the brand crashed and burned around 2008 or so--right around the time of the Financial Crash. Since then, Eyal has been making fashion watches--not that there's anything wrong with that, there are plenty of fashion brands around. Of course, most fashion brands actually honor their warranties, and will fix/replace a defective watch without a court order or act of Congress, and Invicta won't.

In the end, if people want to buy an Invicta, I don't care. It's their money. Most people, I suppose, don't place much value on watches, they're seen as disposable costume jewelry. Any search of the internet will show Invicta's appalling CS and QC to anybody who wants to put in the effort.
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