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George - you've always been a 'voice of reason' here when it comes to talking about Invicta.

While every business is there to make money for stockholder/owners - many go about it differently than IWG. Indeed - 'everyman's watch' is a noble and poignant goal and ideal. Unfortunately - folks like Lalo seem to conjurer (apologies) up the worst leftist portrait of capitalism (well maybe not the good old days of strike breakers) when it comes to customer service. He's a tough guy to like once you really know him ..

Methinks he's NOT unaware of his reputation - and flaunts his business plan in spite of it. Like you George - I've had no real qualms or regrets of my Invicta purchases - but heeded the experience of others on this early version of the forum who cried in vain for better QC at the assembly point and better than the index card in the shoebox CS filing system. We'll not even talk about those who paid the freight and got back a watch in worse shape than it was originally sent to them ...

I still have my 8928 gold/ss - from 2004 - never serviced and still works when I wear it on occasion, same for my CF/LE, 9937, SAII, 7076 (scoobie) (with the flapping clasp) and SAIII 7750 Reserve LE - my last Invicta purchase.

Many were gifted to my grandchildren over the years and they still speak to me . My prize is an original 40mm SA meteorite dial 7750. Such a dial on a Rolex cost as much as a Harley - maybe ? It originally rusted and the 'A' fell of the Invicta on the dial when owned by another member here - a good repair and still in my collection ...

Skelton targeted this forum and its membership to launch Lalo's site - under false circumstances and what they did to the forum owner at the time is/was unforgivable. Such is life - and I've not dwelt on this as an originator. Please believe me - that I am capable of forgiveness - but will never forget ...

Indeed - our own experiences are our immediate judgment on what we have choices with. My credo is simply not to support an entity that treats its customers like what comes out of the southern part of a northbound horse ...
“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
- George Orwell
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