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Default Nice to see some life in the Invicta Forum

Mort - I have read a lot of articles about Invicta but I don't think I've ever read one like yours. You are to be commended for letting it all hang out. I try to focus on whether I am happy with a watch purchase, whether it be Invicta or any other brand. I'm not really concerned with the brand image. I continue to watch the Evine shows. I will give Invicta credit for continuing to come out with new designs and models. I don't know how they do it. I have had my ups and downs with Invicta. Here's my latest post on this forum. Since unloading all my Invictas, I have purchased one SAN. I judge the watch for what it is. I don't really think about Lalo, Skelton, fake diamonds or sandstone or the inflated MSRP. Did I get a good deal for what I'm getting?.

"I noticed that there hasn't been a post about Invicta since 7/2/15. I have decided to write something a little unusual. I started watch collecting around Jan 2006. I got started watching Shop NBC and have always had several Invictas in my collection. As of yesterday I sold my last Invicta on eBay. It was one of the first watches I bought...a two tone Pro Diver 8928OB with the Miyota 8215, still keeping good time +20 sec per day.

I have bought and sold 70 Invictas in the 11 years I have been collecting. It cost me about $12,700 for the 70 watches. Holy crap, I could have bought a Rolex Daytona for that kind of money. Would I have been happy wearing one watch for 11 years? I'm sure I enjoyed the 70 Invictas more than having only one prestigious watch although I could have got my money back on the Daytona.

So why did I decide to unload the Invictas? There are 2 reasons, but first of all I don't want to offend anyone who likes and owns Invictas. I realize they are not Haute Horology, but more towards design rather than if they had an "in house" movement. There are many models that look great and are a good value, especially in the Reserve line, if obtained at a good price. I might even add another Invicta to my collection someday.

But for now here are the 2 reasons:

1) My tastes have changed, maybe because I'm older (73) and the big eye-catching watches look out of place even though my wrist is 7 3/4" They are also heavy and by the end of the day feel uncomfortable. I still watch Evine and the majority of Invictas are 50mm plus. I feel better for looks and comfort with a 41-45 mm.

2) Resale. Of the 70 Invictas I bought and sold I only got back 56% net of my money. Not good. I have bought and sold 402 watches since 2006 and got back 70% net of my money. If I took out the 70 Invictas it would be even more than 70% back."

Here's a good you tube about invicta that doesn't carry to much baggage and judges the watch.
"As far as watches go, buy what you like and can afford"
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