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The original name of this site - many broken watches ago was 'Invictatalk' or some such relation to the brand. Jim Skelton of ShopNBC fame hunkered down here while weathering a cigar forum money scandal and for a while hung out here as an 'inside source' for getting new Invicta watches repaired - rather than lost in their vaunted index card in the shoebox filing system.

Apparently - ole Jimmy stayed with us only to stab us in the back when Lalo paid him for his own Invicta sponsored website.

Water over the dam and under the bridge.

Invicta uses contract assembly - most often in China and at best does spot checking coming off the factory floor - if even that. Their Quality Control is most often done by the customer who purchases their product.

$1550 MSRP is a joke - actually any Invicta list price is a joke as their product is purchased in volume by 'middlemen' who sell to smaller retailers - as well as mass purchases by mass merchandisers - who do no QC of their own - simply 'drop shipping' to the customer directly from their warehouses ...

If anyone personalizes this criticism - I ask them simply to go to any Invicta product sold on Amazon - and read the reviews - including some of my own going back to 2005 to see initial satisfaction - then rapidly accelerating junk status by 2007 and outright collapse of their CS by 2008.

Even today - many models average a 25% dissatisfaction rate - some as high as 40 %. This is Amazon - not my opinion.

My last Invicta purchase was in 2009 and all the little darlings purchased still work - minus the clasp broken on my 3077 Scoobie ...

My opinion - as stated here since 2010 (+ or -)

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
- George Orwell
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