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Default Steinhart - Debaufre

Mikie has it right. Debaufre used to be Steinhart, but due to a legal issue from another company that apparently thought it was infrigning on its copyrighted name, wanted to sue Steinhart in the US. Steinhart USA took the highroad and changed its name to Debaufre. Oddly enough, Steinhart is still being used in Europe. They are a German company, but the watches are Swiss Made as can be seen in the photos. I used to have 2 Debaufre Ocean 1's a GMT Pepsi and an Airforce white which I flipped. Also had a Steinhart Ocean 1 which was flipped. Yes, the dollar is strong against the euro and we don't have to pay the VAT tax, so I recently added a Ocean 1 GMT Pepsi and Ocean 1 Vintage Red from Germany.

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