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Originally Posted by James Elsener View Post
Dear Mort,

You did it again! How dare you? Thanks for that beautiful write-up. It's always a pleasure reading your texts. Keep 'em coming!

... and enjoy wearing your Omega whilst driving that red Merc of yours (?).

Thanks so much, James; you're always very kind to me in your comments! And that is in fact my little red Daimler baby, though she is but a lowly C240, bought brand new back in 2003, and still the absolute apple of my eye, lo these 13 years later, and after more than a couple changes to the Benz C Class design. Even after I pick up my new SLK roadster next year, I still plan on keeping my sweet "Red," as I call her...she's still my girl!

Excusez-moi de continuer de plus en plus sur mon amour, "Rouge". Même après 13 ans, elle a encore mon pouls ... ah, les joies du vrai amour!

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