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Originally Posted by James Elsener View Post
Dear Mort,

You did it again! How dare you? Thanks for that beautiful write-up. It's always a pleasure reading your texts. Keep 'em coming!

... and enjoy wearing your Omega whilst driving that red Merc of yours (?).

Thanks so much, James; you're always very kind to me in your comments! And that is in fact my little red Daimler baby, though she is but a lowly C240, bought brand new back in 2003, and still the absolute apple of my eye, lo these 13 years later, and after more than a couple changes to the Benz C Class design. Even after I pick up my new SLK roadster next year, I still plan on keeping my sweet "Red," as I call her...she's still my girl!

Excusez-moi de continuer de plus en plus sur mon amour, "Rouge". Même après 13 ans, elle a encore mon pouls ... ah, les joies du vrai amour!

"...reached out and touched the face of God." (And, for those of you who have asked, yes, this is indeed me... )
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