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In review of this incident ... we shouldn't be afraid to mention a vendor - whether a sponsor or not from whom we've received good (or not so good service that can be documented).

A newbie needs to be a forum member who - over at least a minimal time - contributes to our forum other than in the form of self promotion.

Over the going on 15 years in the hobby - I've accumulated a number of net vendors I won't hesitate to purchase from. Seiya-Japan might be at the top of the list - as well as Shnoop, JomaShop and even WOW when they put their merchandise on sale. They have a reputation of overall trustworthy customer service - truth in advertising and a membership involvement that is almost entirely positive. I've even used DREAM UNIVERSITY in Thailand for my Red Monster some years ago and certainly deal with our dear members who often offer treasures for 'pennies on the dollar' ...

I understand how hard it is to start a business and make yourself known. The costs of advertising and the ability to create a website and drive people to it are daunting for those who struggle with capitalizing a new business and still put food on the table.

Regardless of this - we need a reference point of what's allowable and what's not and you all rather than myself have an important say in the matter ...
“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
- George Orwell
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